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By: Arthur Clark | May 26, 2013

Many business owners do not realize that the new telephone solutions on the market are SAVING their competitors as much as 60 to 80% on their over-all telephone cost. In addition, businesses that have mad the upgrade are getting tones of new features and capabilities that are helping them be more efficient, improve customer satisfactory, and rapidly increase their return on investment (ROI). For just pennies a day, they are getting dozens of rich features such as:

  1. Free Unlimited local and long distance calling
  2. A virtual receptionist, with Music on Hold
  3. A Dial-by-Name assistant
  4. A free local or 800 number
  5. Free unlimited Faxing to anywhere in the country
  6. A free Smartphone App
  7. Work from AnyWhere capability

Are Just a few of the amazing capabilities tha...

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