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CRM - Customer Relationship Management

While many organizations are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems, many are not, mainly because of the complexity of installation and cost. However, with the immergant of cloud based CRM applications, most businesses now have access to this technology. CRM allow your business to have a 360' view of your customers, and it give you much more business intellegence about your customers and marketing and sales process. The marketing, sales and support capability enabling you to know who are your profitable customers, which products or services are your best sellers, and in what marketing campaigns are working best for you. KRAYTC'S CRM solutions will help your business leverage the benefits of a cloud base CRM solution.

CRM Workflow

KRAYTEC has been helping busnesses implement CRM solutions since 2005. We have learned a thing or two about how it works and what is really important when setting up or upgrading to a new CRM solution. First, CRM is a business customer management strategy and the software is a tool for helping to executive that strategy.

Benefit of Cloud Based CRM

  • Application is delivered over the internet thru a web browser
  • Application is designed to be a "pay as to you go" model
  • Costs are aligned with usage, play for what you need
  • Application is scalable
  • Vendor assumes responsibility for upgrades, support and security
  • No hardware to install

Selecting a cloud based CRM solution

  • Access your business strategy
  • Clarify your business processes
  • Identify your specific business needs and wishes
  • Set objectives that your want CRM to achieve
  • Compare vendors that meets those needs
  • Perform "Due Diligent" on potential vendors
  • Analysis your IT infrastructure
  • Implement in stages
  • Monitor expected objectives

CRM can help your business improve its efficiency in many areas. However, it is important to remember that the CRM application is only part of you customer relationship management strategy. The people, the processes, customer service and business analytics are also important factors.

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