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Performance Management

All the components of the cloud service delivery chain should work together as an integral unit, from cloud service data center to end user client device. An application and service performance management solution should provide a real-time view of application and service performance for both cloud provider and the terminational client.

Essential Components of Application Performance

Application performance management (APM) products arecritical tools for today’s IT organizations. These APM solutions help to ensurethe reliability and speed of business-critical applications in three key areas:

1. Proactive early warning and notifications

2. Faster trouble shooting

3. Support for continual improvement efforts

4. Performance Intelligence

Eliminate the blame game with shared real-time visibility across all tiers of the application delivery chain, and have the ability of solve problems quickly through real-time transaction-level details such as URL response  time associated with slow queries, request or the Denial of Service (DoS) awareness  on the network

Reduce risk for application and service performance with the ability to identify misconfigurations and other performance issues. Monitor application performance baselines, which is essential for making continual improvements, planning capacity, and managing SLA's.

Scale monitoring and management automatically with auto-discovery, auto-classification, and auto-dependency mapping.

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