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KRAYTEC Cloud Base Email

Cloud based email is hosted and stored by your email provider and can be also known as Software as a Service(SaaS). It can be access from any where there is an internet connection,and in most cases, it can be access on any mobile device, as long as the device has an internet connection. SaaS based email can save your business money, and can increase workers productivity. Unlike on-premise business email applications, there are no servers to install or maintain, no software upgrades, and security is as good or better than your in-house solution. KRAYTEC offer several business grade SaaS email solutions designed to fit your budget, and your specific business need. We offer cloud and privately hosted mail for your business and employees.

Work from anywhere, anytime, any device

  • Work Anytime, Anywhere with hosted email: Get full access to all of your email folders, contacts, calendars, and files from any cloud based email application from your browser, from anywhere, at anytime!
  • Keep Up to date: Any changes made to your emails, contacts, calendar and files in any medium with internetaccess and kept up to date when accessed via any other medium.
  • Stay Connected: Carry your contacts, calendar, notes, emails andtask list on the road in your Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile device and popular smartphones.
  • Work Offline: work on your email, change contacts, schedule meetings and modify files even while disconnected from the Internet. Most Cloud email applications can keep an offline copy of everything; any changes made in offline mode are synchronized.

Increase your productivity with hosted email

  • Generous Disk Space - 5+GB Hosted Exchange mailboxes
  • Web Access Only (OWA) - mailboxes up to 5 GB of diskspace.
  • Collaborate easily & securely with co-workers, customers and suppliers.
  • Schedule meetings with your co-workers within moments by viewing Personal calenders and picking the time that will work for everyone.
  • Administrative assistants can view, add, change, and delete appointments on other users' calendars.
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts for resources such as meeting rooms and equipment.
  • Share files, emails, contacts and calendars across the company, department, or project — all through easy-to-use applications.
  • Spam filters (client and server-side): Unwanted emails cause hours of lost productivity. Our client-side spam filtering will filter out the unwanted messages before they get to your mailbox, saving you time and aggravation.

Our Solution will help you united your local, and remote workers together under one unified business email solution. Sync all your business groups; sales, marketing and operations, customer service and finance worker together, allowing them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with the use of a Cloud Based email Solution.

Make your business ready for tomorrow by transforming it into a more competitive operation by leveraging Cloud Based email from KRAYTEC CLOUD SOLUTIONS

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