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Implementation & Migration Services

The benefits promised by cloud computing are real, but by not planning, implementing and migrating your solution correctly can cause many companies to struggle to make it a practical reality. The correct implementation process provides steps for moving your business into the cloud, with a focus on prioritizing the most critical processes that have the highest economic value to the business.

Implementation & Migration

Implementing and Migrating applications can be a complicated process. The Implementation and migration process an organization should go through requires much thought and planning. To ensure success, much thought and planning should be given before implementation your cloud solution project. Typical Questions that should be asked by companies implementing a new cloud technology should include:

  • Where to start?
  • Which workloads should be move first?
  • Which cloud models will deliver the fastest returns?
  • Is the underlining infrastructure capable of meeting the demands?
  • Should a test project be attempted first before full implementation?

Likewise, every migration project, no matter the size or scope, should always start with a detailed migration plan. Beginning with a plan and assessment which looks at all facets of your IT environment will help you understand the risks, savings, and anticipated costs of your migration project. This information will also enable you to determine the steps needed to take to achieve the migration goals this project is designed to provide. The considerations and processes detailed here are designed to help you identify migration opportunities, examine the risks associated with various migration scenarios, create a standard migration process, and help develop a strategic migration plan. Typical Questions that should be asked by companies migrating application(s) to a new cloud application should include:

  • Perform an Application and Infrastructure Assessment.
  • Measure Organizational Readiness.
  • Develop a Strategic Migration Plan.
  • Implement the Migration Plan.


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