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Network Analysis and Evaluation

As cloud applications and services demands more speeds and bandwidth from your network, the ability to plan capacity, utilization, management information about the network becomes even more important. Does your network have enough capacity to meet the demand for your business cloud strategy for now and in the future. Shifting from a premise-base application focus to a internet and mobile based application and service focus may requires a different approach to managing your it in order to meet the need you workforce.

Our network consulting help you :

1. Access your network readiness for cloud technology

2. Plan and Design Network infrastructure

3. Determine the needed bandwidth for now and future cloud services

4. Review and update security requirements

5. Implement tools for monitoring and measuring your network performance

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Why be Concerned?

Both enterprises and small businesses, are looking to cloud-based solutions to solve some of their biggest business and technology challenges: reducing costs, reaching new levels of efficiency, and creating innovative business models. Cloud services and applications offer compelling economics by reducing capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx) through sharing of cloud assets and dynamic, on-demand delivery of services. Clouds enable flexible business models that allow applications and services to be launched more rapidly, with greater and more scalable efficiency, regardless of the geography or size of the business.

Yet users who work with cloud applications and services demand a high-quality, high-performance, and secure cloud experience. Cloud services place new demands and requirements on the business network. The way applications are delivered and consumed has been fundamentally changed by the cloud and will continue to change drastically. The traditional business IT network, both the WAN and LAN are critical components that connects users and devices to cloud services, are often not designed to support these new challenges. They often lacks the performance, security, reliability, and application visibility and monitoring tools that are essential for deploying cloud services.

To meet these new challenges, some networking vendors advocate only point products or partial solutions. Although these solutions may be adequate as temporary measures, KRAYTEC believes that the true solution lies in making the network infrastructure "cloud intelligent." With this type of solution, the business network can truly optimize cloud application performance within the available bandwidth to deliver a high-quality user experience, especially for the high-demand applications of today and tomorrow.

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